Sunday, April 08, 2018

Adidas miCoach Smart Ball is a football with brains to improve your game


 Adidas miCoach Smart Ball is a football with brains to improve your game
The Barclays Premier League 2013 and UEFA Champions League 2013 have just commenced with soccer fans all over the world enjoying the sporting extravaganza like never before.
With players creating magic moves, strikes and dribbles on the soccer field to the soccer ball it was only time before which there was some technology incorporated into the ball itself to improve the skill of the players. Just like the Smart Basketball that created ripples in the sporting arena for its accurate analysis of player's game from inside out; the Adidas miCoach Smart Ball is here to improve your soccer skills with attention to detail of the very next level. Having the ability to measure speed, spin and trajectory of player's kick and sending it back to iOS compatible device using Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity; the miCoach Smart Ball is a brain inside the football that helps one in fruitful training on the ground.
The 32 panel premium grade Smart Ball has special spring mounted sensors and magnetometer to keep track of performance metrics like strike zone, power, spin and trajectory. All this data is then transferred via an iOS app to your smartphone for analysis later on by the coach or the player to make subtle changes in game play. The smart football is charged using the cradle and after full charge the smart football can be used all day long without any hassles. Adidas miCoach Smart Ball is all set for release in 2014 and there is no revelation on its pricing yet.



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