Friday, August 01, 2014

Ten things the HR Department Won't Tell You

If everything’s going smoothly, you probably won’t interact with the folks in human resources much between the day you’re hired and your last day with the company. But every day in between, it’s their responsibility to make sure you’re doing your job well. Which means they know a lot more than you might think. We checked in with human resources experts to see what your current employer is keeping tabs on—and how your next employer could be judging you based on a whole lot more than the resume you submitted.

Mexico USA Border

This is an image of the border between USA and Mexico. As can be seen, the fence separating the two creates a clear divide between the two countries. In this photo, USA is on the left and Mexico is on the right. Its interesting to see how the two countries have altered the environments so drastically in order to fit their individual agendas. Although this photo portrays the two sides as complete opposites, how much interaction and interdependence does in fact take place in the areas immediately surrounding the border?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

7 tech mistakes you should never make

Regrets, we've had a few and they're not too few to mention. The more tech you have in your life, the more tech regrets you're likely to have.

Whether it is the platform you jumped on just as everyone else jumped off, the phone battery that died at the worst possible moment, the moment of madness when you bought a Zune or a BlackBerry Playbook.

So which tech decisions are you likely to regret today? These are our suggestions...

Monday, April 21, 2014

Top 10 Fastest Cars

Top 10 Fastest Cars 2011
The car companies present new models with advanced and sophisticated technology every year. Here are 10 fastest cars, of new or upcoming models including those that remained unaltered for two or three years, but are still surpassing. These cars are selected considering the rate of speed from zero to 60 miles per hour and not their full speed. Let’s take a look on list of Top 10 Fastest Cars 2011.

64 Thoughts Everyone Has Before Going To The Gym

Anshu Ajitsaria/Anshu Ajitsaria

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Canon reveals world’s smallest and lightest SLR camera EOS 6D

Canon reveals world's smallest and lightest SLR camera EOS 6D  
 World's smallest and the lightest ever single-lens-reflex ( SLR) camera is here courtesy Canon as they revealed EOS 6D just before Photokina 2012 trade show on cameras in Koln, Germany.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Come usare le nuove emoji su Facebook ?

Da qualche mese Facebook ha attivato nuove emoticon. Si chiamano emoji, e molti di voi le conosceranno già perché attive da anni sui cellulari (ad esempio su Whatsapp) o perché utilizzate su Facebook da chi ha letto gli articoli che parlano delle emoticon su questo blog.
Nonostante siano presenti sul blog più guide che spiegano come usare le nuove emoji, leggi ad esempio come pubblicare le emoji, o chiamiamole anche nuove emoticon, molti lettori si sono spesso lamentati che non riescono a seguire le istruzioni ed utilizzarle sul loro profilo (o su una pagina). Il trucco di cui vi parlerò tra poco è infatti stato scoperto da pochi mesi e tutti i segreti vengono a poco a poco svelati aggiornando i precedenti articoli.
Ho quindi deciso, spinto da voi, di scrivere una nuova guida con istruzioni semplici passo per passo, per aiutare tutti a scoprire ed utilizzare le nuove emoji. Vi spiegherò prima di cosa stiamo parlando, di cosa sono e di come funzionano le emoji; e successivamente di come utilizzarle dal computer o dal cellulare o anche da un tablet e da qualsiasi altro dispositivo.

How to use the new emoji on Facebook?

A few months ago Facebook has launched new emoticons . They are called emoji , and many of you already know why active for years on mobile phones (eg on Whatsapp ) or why you're on Facebook from those who have read the articles that talk of emoticons on this blog.
Despite being on the blog more guides that explain how to use the new emoji , laws such as the emoji publish , or even call them new emoticons , many readers have often complained that they could not follow the instructions and use them on their profile (or one page). The trick which I will talk soon in fact been discovered a few months ago and all the secrets are gradually revealed by updating the previous articles .
Here is a new guide with simple step by step instructions , to help everyone discover and use new emoji .
I will explain first what we're talking about, what they are and how they work emoji , and then how to use them from your computer or cell phone or even a tablet and any other device .

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

25 Animals Who Think They're People

1. Rabbits Who Think They Are Uptight Schoolteachers
Rabbits who think they are uptight schoolteachers can be found throughout the northern United States. They are distinguishable by their delicate purple sweater vests and their prim, disapproving facial expressions. If you find one, be sure to tuck in your shirt.

Thursday, January 02, 2014


These are amazing. I would like to know where these are and how long it took to make them. 


Words as Images

Lion and Monkey

In a poor zoo of India , a lion was frustrated as he was offered not more than 1 kg of meat a day.
The lion thought its prayers were answered.

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