Monday, March 28, 2011

The Face Veil: Social and Psychological overview (In Arab Countries)

By Dalia Rashwan

Founder & Editor in Chief of

(Muslim Face veil also called "Niqab" or "Burqa")

The face veil has stirred a lot of controversy in the past months. European countries raced their ways to impose a ban on the face veil following the French ban although in reality face veiled women are very few in Europe and are statistically insignificant. But non-Muslims feel offended by the looks of a face veiled woman. They see them as oppressed women who are deprived from their freedom and react negatively to such oppression. It is really very offending to look this way.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Japan earthquake: How you can help ?

While Tokyo was given a good shake, amazingly it survived largely undamaged. However, one feeling we've all sharing at the moment is a terrible sense of uselessness. Reports over Twitter suggest that plenty of people have taken it upon themselves to get in a car and head north – perhaps not the most sensible option. So here's a few things you can be doing for the time being.
For those living in Tokyo and Japan at large

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beautiful White Lotus

The ancient Egyptians cultivated the white lotus in ponds and marshes. This flower often appears in ancient Egyptian decorations. They believed that the lotus flower gave them strength and power; remains of the flower have been found in the burial tomb of Ramesses II. The number 1,000 in ancient Egyptian numerals is represented by the symbol of the white lotus. The ancient Egyptians also extracted perfume from this flower. They also used the white lotus in funerary garlands, temple offerings and female adornment. The white lotus might have been one of the plants eaten by the Lotophagi of Homer's Odyssey.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I survived Japan’s massive earthquake

Jason Fullington From his office at AFG Moto in Tokyo where he designs custom motorcycles and safety gear, vice president and chief operating officer Jason Fullington experienced the worst earthquake to hit Japan in 1,000 years. - Ed.

At 2:46 p.m. Japan time it hit! When it started I thought it was just another tremor like we have frequently here. But it got strong and stronger. I was at my desk at the office just whipping through a few order rips for Icon Moto. My monitor would have fallen off the desk had I not grabbed it (it's a 40 inch TV monitor). This shaker kept building in strength, I have never felt one like this in 9+ years of living in Japan. I yelled to my staff, "GET OUT OF THE BUILDING NOW!" We all darted to the parking lot. And it was still shaking about 30 seconds into it! You could see the ground rolling, my van was literally jumping off the ground, car sirens blaring, telephone and electric poles waving violently.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Amazing Moments - Birds Feeding

They are cute, they are funny and they are just like human offspring.
These stunning photographs show the lives of warbler chicks and their relationships with their mother, but while they may be birds, they have striking resemblance to our own children.
All day long they sit around, tweeting, waiting for mum who is on a constant battle to keep them stocked up with food.

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