Thursday, May 10, 2018

Smart Swimming Goggles


If you are an avid diver then I am sure you will appreciate the concept of the Smart Swimming Goggles. This simple eye cover actually assists with communication between divers and capturing of memories in photo and video format. The Goggles include functions like built-in GPS, 'call' button, 3-D Camera, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Adidas miCoach Smart Ball is a football with brains to improve your game


 Adidas miCoach Smart Ball is a football with brains to improve your game
The Barclays Premier League 2013 and UEFA Champions League 2013 have just commenced with soccer fans all over the world enjoying the sporting extravaganza like never before.

Monday, December 07, 2015

Appreciate what you have and stop comparing yourself to others

We live in a society in which, in one way or another, everyone compares themselves to others. This in turn gives rise to a devastating feeling — jealousy. The following comic strip really helps you think about how this feeling is actually meaningless, and how important it is to appreciate what we have.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Ten things the HR Department Won't Tell You

If everything’s going smoothly, you probably won’t interact with the folks in human resources much between the day you’re hired and your last day with the company. But every day in between, it’s their responsibility to make sure you’re doing your job well. Which means they know a lot more than you might think. We checked in with human resources experts to see what your current employer is keeping tabs on—and how your next employer could be judging you based on a whole lot more than the resume you submitted.

Mexico USA Border

This is an image of the border between USA and Mexico. As can be seen, the fence separating the two creates a clear divide between the two countries. In this photo, USA is on the left and Mexico is on the right. Its interesting to see how the two countries have altered the environments so drastically in order to fit their individual agendas. Although this photo portrays the two sides as complete opposites, how much interaction and interdependence does in fact take place in the areas immediately surrounding the border?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

7 tech mistakes you should never make

Regrets, we've had a few and they're not too few to mention. The more tech you have in your life, the more tech regrets you're likely to have.

Whether it is the platform you jumped on just as everyone else jumped off, the phone battery that died at the worst possible moment, the moment of madness when you bought a Zune or a BlackBerry Playbook.

So which tech decisions are you likely to regret today? These are our suggestions...

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